Welcome to web.ucu.org.uk.

UCU is able to offer the hosting of local branch websites using the popular WordPress blogging software. This enables branches to have standalone web sites, hosted independently of any web facilities their institution may have, and enabling the option to have a free and hosted site where institutions don’t offer this for their campus unions.

The basic installation uses a UCU-created template as is used on this site. We hope to be able to develop this and add additional options as time and resources allow. In the main for most branches the basic set-up will be more than adequate, but the web team is happy to discuss the options for branches who want more advanced features.

Sites use the naming convention: branchname.web.ucu.org.uk – we need to take into account possible conflicts/overlaps with other branches, but for the most part names requested by branches should not be a problem. Again, there are options for branches who want to buy a domain name and map this across to their UCU web site installation.

If you’d like a site set up, please emailĀ web@ucu.org.uk. We will need the email address of the person who will be the main administrator and the preferred name of the site (we’ll get back to you if we foresee problems). This person will automatically be emailed their account information when the site is set up. They will also be able to add other administrators and site contributors.

The branch will be entirely responsible for the content and administration of their site once it’s set up. However, the UCU web team is always around to help with any technical problems.

We look forward to hearing from you.

UCU web team